Independent Merchants

Indies of the UK, we’re here to support you.

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, we all face the difficult challenge of responding to the impact it is having on our lives and our businesses. We are here to support you through these uncertain times.

As an independent, family-owned business, we very much empathise with the uncertainty this global situation has created, both for individuals and our industry as a whole. The UK Government has classified food production and supply chain as essential services, with off licences and licensed stores to stay open.

We will continue to service your shops and stores until we are told we can’t. 

We’ve created a dedicated service for Indies with a promise that we will deliver direct to you to keep you running the business your customers expect. Our warehouses are full and we have plenty of product to keep you stocked.

Please find below a selection of our products and, for the full list, please click ‘Wines‘ in the menu bar above.