We are proud to announce Lanchester Wines has partnered with Adnams  to develop a number of wine ranges for the on and off trade.


Lanchester Wines, has produced a comprehensive range of wines for Adnams, the Suffolk based brewer, distiller and retailer. The range comprises a combination of Lanchester Wines agency SKUs and wine for a number of Adnams’ new world ranges.

The wines, from Chile, Argentina, USA, New Zealand and Australia, are imported and managed by Lanchester Wines, and bottled by its sister company Greencroft Bottling. While quality of wine was key in the procurement process, Adnams selected Lanchester Wines due to their shared sustainability values. For Adnams, it is vital its suppliers and partners have the same environmental and sustainable ethos which is where the synergies around reduction in carbon footprint became apparent – Lanchester Wines through generation of clean, renewable energy, Adnams through leading sustainability projects such as the building of an eco-friendly distribution centre, energy efficient brewing using recovered heat and a move to 100% renewable electricity across their entire operations.

Adnams’ wine buying team; Dan Kirby, Lydia Harrowven and James Davis MW

Adnams’ wine buying team; Dan Kirby, Lydia Harrowven and James Davis MW

Adnams was keen to partner with Lanchester Wines to source quality wines, while also reducing the carbon footprint. Lydia Harrowven from Adnams commented “We’re delighted to be working with Lanchester Wines to ensure we provide Adnams customers with fantastic wines. Quality is paramount and with today’s flexitank materials and handling protocols we are able to rely on this method to preserve the integrity of the wine. This approach provides customers with fresher wines, improved quality and a reduced environmental impact than those bottled at source.

“Bottling wine in the UK provides significant carbon savings to the wines’ journey – a flexitank, containing 24,000 litres will fit a 20ft container, while the same volume in bottle would require two 40ft containers, saving over 4.5 tonnes carbon equivalents per flexitank from the shipping fuel alone.”

Adnams has long taken a sustainable approach to its operations, whilst always ensuring it is right for the business. Over the last two decade they have continually invested for a sustainable future in areas such as reducing water consumption per pint, reducing and reusing waste whilst sending zero to landfill, light weighting the Adnams beer bottles twice, community beach cleans and rehoming colonies of honey bees on site.

As part of the wider Lanchester group of companies, which includes contract wine bottler Greencroft Bottling, Lanchester Wines has benefited from over £8million of private investment in clean, renewable heat and energy generation.

Four wind turbines generate up to 5.5million kWh of electricity each year, around of half of which is used by Lanchester Wines and Greencroft Bottling with the rest sold back to the National Grid to provide the local area with clean energy, while a 41kW solar array provides power for the businesses’ offices.

Lanchester Wines also has warehouses in nearby Gateshead which benefit from the UK’s second largest open loop water source heat pump system which utilises latent heat energy in the water flowing in the old coal mines below the warehouses. With 4 MW system in development, Lanchester Wines will be the biggest user of renewable heat from disused coal mines in the UK.

In addition, Lanchester Wines has made continuous improvements in it warehousing over the last couple of years with the addition of 20,000 square metres of roof insulation. Movement sensitive LED lighting has also been installed which has saved 70% of the electricity required over standard warehouse lighting.

adam-blackAdam Black, Lanchester Wines’ head of energy, said: “Lanchester Wines has a similar policy approach to Adnams which, overall, boils down to making sustainability improvements every year concentrating on the biggest issues for each business. Both Adnams and Lanchester Wines are endeavouring to do this while also growing.

Greencroft Bottling had some success with that this year bottling 36% more wine than the previous year but using less electricity overall. This has been achieved by changing lighting to LED, new more efficient machinery and simply turning things off that are not being used.”

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