Sparkling wine and fizz to celebrate in November

sparkling wine NovAutumn festivities are well under way and those first twinkles of fairy lights on trees and overly keen windows are appearing. More importantly this month we can officially celebrate Bonfire night and play with sparklers – and with that tenuous link, we’re focusing on sparkling wine as our Wine of the Month.

Synonymous with celebration, sparkling wine is often seen as simply Champagne, Prosecco or Cava. But it doesn’t have to be Old World for fizz and we’re looking at sparklers from the new world.

Because many of the ‘traditional’ sparkling wines can only be produced in specific areas or regions (ie, Champagne can only be produced in Champagne), New World producers aren’t tied to specific varietals. This means they have the freedom to get creative. This results in some really unusual and beautifully presented alternative fizzes waiting to pop.

Using non-traditional grapes and methods, these producers also aren’t bound by the same expensive, labour intensive regulations that keep the big name European sparkling prices high.

Hailing from some unexpected places, keep an open mind and an empty glass handy for some fine fizz suggestions this month

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