Raise a glass to The Butler biodynamic wine………………

the butlerThe Butler biodynamic wine is a decedent blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Petit Syrah. It is a single vineyard cuvee produced in-tune with nature.

Made by Bonterra, a pioneering Californian biodynamic wine producer, this expert blending of typical Rhone Valley styles results in a deep, complex mix of ripe plum and dark cherry aromas with hints of violets.

It is a rich, velvety red wine which shows dark fruits chased by sweet oak, with a tickle of liquorice spice topping off the excellent structure and soft tannins.


The Butler – serving up an organic selection

All of Bonterra’s wines are produced organically, with no chemicals – instead they use animals as natural pesticides:

* Bees enjoy the chemical free environment while keeping local flora in bloom

* Chickens aerate the soil while pecking and eating weeds and insects

* Sheep graze in the vinyards, keeping the lush greenery in check whilst naturally fertilising the soil

If this wasn’t natural enough, The Butler is also a Biodynamic wine…..


Here comes the science bit…….

Dave Koball What on earth is Biodynamic wine, you ask? This basically means the wine is grown and produced organically while following the patterns of nature. Being Biodymanic is a credited status which the winery renews this every year.

The Bonterra vineyards are self contained and self sufficient. The people, animals and plants all working together in isolation as a system, even using the phases of the moon in sowing, planting and harvesting. This is reflected in the neck wrap design.

Vinyard Director Dave Koball lives on the ranch & is responsible for the extremely high level of care in nature involved in producing Bonterra wines. He said of the experience: “I quickly realised that to farm organically in a sustainable manner I had to change my approach to the ‘problems’ that arose in the vineyard and to think more systematically.”

Read more about The Butler at  www.bonterra.com

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