Italian Wine

Il vino fa buon sangue – Good wine makes good blood

Yes, wine has run through the veins of Italy since arriving with the Greeks in around 800 BC.

We’re celebrating everything Italiano this month, in honour of the beginning of the decadent spectacle of Carnevale.

As one of the founding wine producing countries, there’s not much you can’t find here. From grape-of-the-moment Pinot Grigio, to a deep, rich Barolo, ending on a sweet high note with Vin Santo. With Prosecco and Pinot Grigio currently winning popularity contests, high demand has driven prices up.

Much like Italian food, wines are designed to be easy drinking, match Mediterranian dishes perfectly, and be enjoyed with loved ones around a family meal, be it lunch, or a four hour feast. With a grading system resembling that of France and Germany (although not as restrictive) and designated, protected wine regions, quality and price can vary, yet the Italian wine industry accounts for 5.4 billion Euros in exports.

Keep you eyes peeled and glasses empty during February as we introduce you to some ‘belissimo vino Italiano’ and suggest some foods to compliment.

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