BLAZING STARWhat heralds the start of a sweltering summer better than a chilled glass of sweet pink White Zinfandel? Well, this. A chilled glass of Moscato Colombard Riesling, not as sickly sweet as White Zin, with a balancing crisp note, a great alternative and a bit less of a summer stereotype. Yes, it has flowers on the label, but they are the Californian Blazing Star, perfect in the blazing sun!

This medium sweet white is as fresh as a blooming daisy, pale colour with aromatics of white flowers & stone fruits. A favourite with our office staff, Blazing Star is most consumed by itself, and rarely just one glass.




Region  –  California, USA

Grapes  – Moscato Colombard Riesling

Alcohol % –  11.5%

Food Match – enjoy with prawns, meaty fish, Italian food and desserts, particularly delightful with strawberries!


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