waters-edge-pinot-grigioThe palest of pinks, Pinot Grigio Rose is the new addition to our flagship Waters Edge range, and we could be happier!

The current white wine trend is undoubtedly Pinot Grigio, light, easy-drinking, inoffensive wine. Pinot Grigio Rose is the lesser known but equally quaffable sibling, left on the pinky-grey skins longer to display more colour and pink fruit notes.

As anyone in the trade will be painfully aware, Italian Pinot Grigio is in short supply and therefore molto expensive. Australia has eased the problem for the past couple of years, but prices are increasing due to demand. To keep our customers competitive, we’ve chosen to go off script and introduce our first and only wine from Moldova.

This descision made us slightly nervous, would our customers want a Moldovan wine? Do people know Moldova even produces wine? More importantly, is it any good? Well, the answer is yes, it’s very good. In fact, the quality is outstanding, surpassing even our own expectations. All of our own brand Pinots, both white and pink, are now sourced from Moldova, and are proving extremly successful. Yes, there will always be a customer that must have Italian Pinot Grigio or Argentinan Malbec or an Australian Chardonnay, but they’re missing out on a treat here. We think our new Pinots are better than our former Italian liquids, and are proving just a popular.

This copper pink Pinot is crisp with hints of red fruits and fragrant dry floral notes.

Region: Moldova

Varietal: Pinot Grigio

Volume: 11.5%

Food Match: Rice and light pasta dishes, salads, grilled white fish and white cheeses. Perfect with feta or goats cheese.



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