Vintrigue is Lanchester Wines’ boutique wine agency creating exciting, limited edition parcels of exceptional wine

Vintrigue wines are the ideal ‘limited edition’ offer or ‘manager’s special’. The wine may be from a family vineyard, or it may be from one of the leading wine producers – but it will ALWAYS be exceptional.

The first two bottles in the Vintrigue own-label range celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of each wine. Every winemaker has their own signature style which makes the wines they create unique, just like a fingerprint. Our limited edition Pinot Gris from Australia and Pinot Noir from New Zealand have been produced by award winning family wineries – but we’re keeping their identity a secret.

Be quick – once these wines have gone, they’ve gone for good……

Vintrigue Fingerprint

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75cl Glass

Vintrigue Pinot Gris

The light pink colour of this wine has been cleverly created through extended contact with the grape skins. This has produced a complex, textural and slightly savoury Pinot Gris with aromatic nuances of pears, lychees and exotic spice.


75cl Glass

Vintrigue Pinot Noir

From an award winning family winery in Marlborough, New Zealand, this is a soft, light and fruity Pinot Noir. Flavours of cherries and plums make this an excellent match for grilled poultry or root vegetables, or equally delightful enjoyed with good company.