Quilamari is our new Spanish range featuring four legendary deep sea beasties.

Inspired by legends of the sea, Quilamari tells the story of drunken octopi, giant squid, jellyfish and three eyed monsters: Polpinot, Tintamari, Meduci and Ojojojo.

Produced by one of the largest family owned wineries in Spain, these classic Spanish grapes are given a bright, modern splash of colour. Quilamari fuses traditional wine making heritage with age old tales, told with a modern twist.

A tantalising tale with each wine to tempt the taste buds and the imagination.

75cl Glass

Polpinot Sauvignon Blanc

A pale straw colour with green tinges. Lime and  grapefruit notes with a delicate floral touch. Fresh and round palate, brilliantly balanced acidity provide a dry and stylish wine.

Quilamari Sauvignon Blanc features the tale of the 16th century giant octopus ‘Polpinot’, who reportedly clambered aboard a French pirate ship.

As the crew slept, Polpinot drank all the wine the ship was carrying. They awoke to find their wine gone as the drunken octopus fell off the deck into the sea.

75cl Glass

Tintamari Rose

Bright cherry in colour, bursting with red fruit aromas. Full, fresh and clean on the palate with a dry edge to the raspberry and redcurrant flavours.


Beautifully depicting the fabled ‘Tintamari’, the culprit of a mysterious full moon phenomenon. Folklore says that during the full moon, parts of the sea around the Spanish coast would turn a strange pink colour so vivid it could be seen for miles around.

The  pink waters were often seen as a sign of good luck for local fishermen. It wasn’t until the 19th century that scientists discovered this phenomenon was the result of a rare species of squid that would squirt a luminous pink ink in line with the lunar cycle – ‘Tintamare’ translates literally as ‘sea ink’.

75cl Glass

Meduci Tempranillo

Deep ruby red in colour with aromas of intense black fruits. Medium bodied palate with delicious, rich blackberry and cherry fruit. Soft and well-balanced tannins give way to a smooth and well textured finish.


Legend has it the ‘Meduci’ was the largest jellyfish ever seen in Spanish waters, even bigger than the feared Man o’war.

The creature could be recognised by it’s luminous pink appearance and should be avoided at all costs. A single sting was known to be immediately fatal.

Luckily for us, the last sighting of Meduci was in the 18th century.

75cl Glass

Ojojojo Syrah

Vibrant red and violet in colour, forest fruits on the nose followed by wonderful plum, black cherry and raspberry flavours on the palate. Well rounded tannins add to the depth of flavour and balanced acidity.


The three-eyed  ‘Ojojojo’ was a sea monster that apparently often appeared to drunken sailors on foggy mornings.

There are many accounts of sailors catching a glimpse of Ojojojo as he surfaced, but no one ever believes a drunken sailor……