Vintrigue is Lanchester Wines’ boutique bulk wine agency creating exciting, limited edition parcels of exceptional wine

vintrigue boutique bulkeOur team of buyers travels the globe looking for the best wine to bring to the UK. Sometimes we find something exceptional, one of those ‘I have to have it!’ wines that stops us in our tracks. We bring these wines to our UK customers under our Vintrigue brand.

Vintrigue combines leading wine sourcing, wine marketing and sales experts with consumer trend forecasters and brand developers to create a portfolio of wine brands specifically designed with the consumer in mind.

Specialising in connecting family-owned wineries with the UK marketing, our mission is to identify premium, family-owned wine producers and bring these fantastic wines to the UK market in eye-catching and relevant packaging. We call this ‘boutique bulk©’.

The very nature of Vintrigue means these wines will always be limited edition; something different, something new which will vary from one vintage to the next. Vintrigue wines are the ideal ‘manager’s special’. The wine could be from a family vineyard, or it may be from one of the leading wine producers – but it will ALWAYS be exceptional.

Each bottle is designed with the consumer in mind and tailored to the wine it contains. They’ll always be eye-catching, high quality and a name your customers will pick from the wine list. The bottles you see on this page are our current range – you’ve got to move quickly to keep up with Vintrigue.

Vintrigue will always be high quality, low quantity. You can introduce your customers to new and unusual wines quickly and cost-effectively.

Something different each vintage. Always exciting, always Vintriguing



While we love creating new wines, we know how important it is to make sure we have your customers’ at the heart of everything we do. We follow consumer shipping choices and track trends to help you understand which products to stock – and which wines we should include withing our Vintrigue range.

– Over half of consumers in every UK region chose wine as their drink of choice

– Wine is now the preferred drink of choice for more 25-34 year olds than ever before

– 56% of wine drinkers say they regularly drink Pinot Grigio / Gris compared to 43% three years ago

(*source WSTA)