Christmas wineDreaming of a wine Christmas……….

The decorations are finally up at home and they look delightfully festive.  Well done!

Next job, relatives. Who’s the harassed host this year?

Not you? Excellent. Pick one of these cracking wines and turn up with an empty belly in your snazziest Christmas jumper.

You’re it? Even better. You get to wow with your Mary Berry-esque culinary skills and the finest wines expertly suggested by us. Trust us, we have it sorted.

Christmas is the time of year everyone seems to get a little more adventurous with drinks. When else would you drink a piping hot, deliciously spiced mulled wine, or pair a sugar sweet dessert wine with oddly exuberant cheeses? Everyone has their festive traditions and favourites, but one thing we all agree on, bring out the good stuff! Somehow that £3.99 Merlot Uncle Barry gave you for your birthday in March doesn’t quite cut it. You want a deep, rich red with your pigs in blankets, and a crisp, lemony white to boost the smoked salmon.

So sit back and enjoy those ‘Only Fools and Horses’ repeats in the glowing splendour of the Christmas tree and we shall dazzle you with a selection of gloriously delicious wines to enjoy with your loved ones!

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