Bolney Sparkling Red Cuvee Noir – a fine English Brut

bol-red-636x1024Bolney sparkling red wine is a very rare bear indeed. Not only is this Cuvee Noir a sparkling red wine, which is an rarity in itself, this party piece is also English.

English wines, particularly sparkling, are really beginning to gain ground in the business. They are renowned for their delicate yet flavourful characteristics and light mousse.

Almost exclusive to Southern England and parts of Wales, our domestic wines enjoy a similar climate to Northern France, including the most famous sparkling wine area in the world – champagne. This English terroir lends itself to producing some cracking dry sparkling whites.

With the exception of Australia and Italy, sparkling reds are still somewhat of a novelty in the wine industry.  One or two popular named sparkling Shiraz and European wines traditionally dominate the offering.

Bolney Estate’s Cuvee Noir is made from 100% Dornfelder, a German grape with more substance and darker skin than most northerly reds. This produces a rich dark wine with aromas of blueberries and a hint of spice on the finish.

This wine is impressive. A medal winner, this is a refreshing yet decadent sparkler perfect for the festive season. Try with pates, smoked fish, meats or with a dark, rich dessert.


Region: West Sussex, UK

Grape Variety: 100% Dornfelder

Wine Style Guide Rating: C

(with A being the lightest and E being the most powerful and full bodied)


About the Winemaker

english sparkling wine, bolney estates, sam lintner, winemakerBolney Estate’s owner and chief winemaker is Sam Linter, who is also the daughter of founders Janet and Rodney Pratt. Janet and Rodney established the winery back in 1972 starting with just 3 acres. The winery now has 39 acres under vine.

Sam is keen to promote biodiversity, with vines home to a variety of wildlife each contributing to the upkeep of the natural ethos of Bolney winemaking.

Sam says: “I think a common misconception in the industry is that ‘English Wine’ and ‘British Wine’ are the same thing. In fact British wine can be made with grapes grown outside the UK. For example, a producer could purchase fruit or juice from Italy, transport it to the UK and then make the wine here. However English wine is made with fruit that has ALL come from UK soils.


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