Introducing Boutique Bulk.

We’re looking at bulk wine in a different way and changing perceptions in the trade


Boutique Bulk is Lanchester Wines’ programme of premium and specialist wines shipped in bulk and bottled in the UK.
We’ve created a new category for wines produced from smaller volume, premium and more eclectic parcels of bulk wine delivered in innovative packaging, which can command higher prices.

The ability to innovate within the wine sector is vital. Bulk has always been at the backbone of the trade enabling high volume, cost effective products. However, bulk does not have to be basic.


Our Boutique Bulk minimum bottling run is 8,000 litres and, with bottles, cans, bag-in-box and formats for wine on tap all available, the autonomy and creativity made possible by smaller-scale, premium parcels can offer opportunities for group operators or larger indies to meet a wider range of drinking occasions. And, created with higher quality, better margin wines.

Even a couple of years ago, it wouldn’t be even thought of to bring these types of wine into the UK as bulk. Now we’re working with both existing wine partners and finding new ones to source interesting new wines. Like a red made from a single vineyard, high altitude Malbec from Calingasta in Argentina or a Shiraz Viognier from Australia.

Through Boutique Bulk we can offer flexibility of both format and design. For example, we’ve introduced digital print technology to Alfonso enabling us to create a range of label designs, each depicting the escapades of our ‘Alfonso the Grape’.

Boutique bulk is about introducing exciting parcels of wine which are anything but ‘run of the mill’.

For more information on how Boutique Bulk could enhance your wine range, please contact our sales team