Our team are experts in anything related to wine

To contact anyone listed below, please email sales@lanchesterwines.co.uk or call +44 (0)1207 52 1234

Image: Veronica Cleary

Veronica Cleary

Image: Tony Cleary MBE

Tony Cleary MBE
Managing Director

Image: Adam Black

Adam Black

Image: Michelle Alderson

Michelle Alderson
Sales Office Manager

Image: Stephen Buddle

Stephen Buddle
Supply Chain Co-Ordinator

Image: Emma Campbell MCIM

Emma Campbell MCIM
Marketing Manager

Image: Alex Cleary

Alex Cleary
Sales Office

Image: Lesley Cook

Lesley Cook
Director of Purchasing

Image: Ben Cotts

Ben Cotts
Regional Business Manager, Durham and Teesside

Image: James Dainty

James Dainty
Senior Business Manager

Image: Hannah Fennelly

Hannah Fennelly
Regional Business Manager, South West

Image: Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien
Head of Export

Image: Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts
Director of Sales

Image: Tracy Robson

Tracy Robson
Publication Design and Sales Orders

Image: Heather Scott

Heather Scott
Senior Business Manager

Image: Tom Van Der Neut

Tom Van Der Neut
Senior Business Manager

Image: Becky Vernon

Becky Vernon
Senior Business Manager - Retail

Image: Beth Whitwood

Beth Whitwood
Sales Office

Image: Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson
Assistant Buyer

Image: Rob Winder

Rob Winder
Regional Business Manager, North West

Image: John Mitcheson

John Mitcheson
Director of Logistics and Bond

Image: Richard Lewin

Richard Lewin
Logistics Manager

Image: Laura Tilley

Laura Tilley
Customs & Excise Compliance Manager

Image: Tracy Webb

Tracy Webb
Customs & Excise Compliance and Customer Service Co-ordinator

Image: Paul Baird

Paul Baird
Group Chief Financial Officer

Image: Victoria Dixon

Victoria Dixon
Group Accountant

Image: Allison Rimington

Allison Rimington
Finance Manager

Image: Sharon Dobson

Sharon Dobson
Assistant Finance Manager

Image: Joanne Loughran

Joanne Loughran
Sales Invoicing